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I Am

Are you looking for a way to connect with potential customers?

Look no further! Introducing the new “I am” campaign, developed with 2 goals in mind: to provide you with individualized content you can use on your social channels and newsletters, and to showcase more of your “human” side – because we all know customers like to feel good about the people and places they do business with!

So do yourself a favor and make your own “I am” image!  All you need to complete the template is a picture (we recommend a casual photo) and three facts about you that might create a spark with a potential customer or even teach your employees a few new things!

Check out the video for a quick tutorial, get inspired by the sample images, then create your own using the form below! And don’t forget to use #DrivingAwayTheCold and #MoreThanAutoDealers when you share!

The ADAGP reserves the right to use images created on this webpage for promotional purposes. 


Create your own!


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Step 1:

Choose a great photo of yourself!

Step 2:

Tell us about yourself!

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Finalize & Download

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