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Additional Fundraising

You Can Help Us Provide More Coats and More Smiles

Below are ways you and your team can help us raise more money, to buy more coats and give more smiles. Every penny you help raise will be used to purchase new coats. With the low cost for each of our new coats, all contributions, large or small, will directly impact a child in need.



You’ll be surprised how others will back a cause when they learn that you support it too. Create a customizable fundraising page to share with vendors, customers, employees, friends, and family. Add a personal photo/logo and modify the text to stress why it is important to you to provide new coats to children in need. Spreading the word about how we’re spreading the warmth is easy by sending the link to your page in emails, texts, social media posts, e-newsletters, etc. You can make a team page to link individual fundraising pages for each of your dealerships, departments or individual staff members. Start your fundraising page HERE or, contact Mary Lynn Alvarino for help with getting started.


Who do you know that we don’t know? For sustainability, we are seeking contributions from sources outside the retail auto industry. We apply for grants from local, state, and national organizations. If you serve on the board of a grant making non-profit, or have a connection with an organization that would support our program, please make an introduction. Once you open the door, we will do all the work; we are ready to make the ask or complete the grant application. Please contact Mary Lynn Alvarino  to share the details.

Engage Your Customers
  • Offer to match your customers’ donations.
  • Lower a car’s sale price by the amount of a customer’s donation, up to a certain amount.
  • Put a bright sticker on every RO with a plea to donate. Sample textWe support the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation, giving thousands of brand new winter coats to kids in need. You can help! Text COAT to 44321 to fund a new coat.

Super Easy


Many employers sponsor matching gift programs to match their employees’ charitable contributions. Spouses or family members of your staff may work for one of these companies. Encourage them to USE THIS TOOL to check it out and watch how quickly they can double their contributions.


For personal and/or business TD Bank accounts, the bank will make an annual contribution to the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation based on activity in checking, savings, money market, CD, and retirement accounts. We receive $50 for new and $10 for existing checking accounts and 0.1% of the annual average balance of other accounts. All contributions are from TD Bank, NOT from your account. We will NOT have access to your account information. Call TD’s Blue Bell branch, 610-275-5544, and ask that your account(s) be encoded with AH988 so your balances are included in this affinity program.

A bit more effort


Let your customers know that you support our new coat program and they can help too. Simply create a new accounting code for donations and your cashiers can invite customers to round up to the nearest dollar amount, add a dollar or two, or 20, whatever they feel comfortable with. Try this for the month of October, or through the end of the year. At the end of your campaign, send a check for the amount collected to:

Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation
3311 Swede Rd, Ste A
East Norriton, PA 19401

=> We have cash collection boxes and signs with a QR code leading to the donation page of our site. Contact Hector Guzman to have one, or both, delivered to your store.


Ask your creative staff members to think about innovative ways to raise money and feel free to include their family and friends. Below are suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

  • Car wash – invite your customers and other community members
  • Bake sale for staff and customers
  • BBQ lunch for employees – participants contribute a few dollars more than the cost of the food
  • Facebook fundraising campaign
  • “Wear jeans to work” day (employees donate $5 to wear jeans)
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