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Black Tie Tailgate


A small party of 200 people in 1986 has grown to be the largest black-tie event in the Philadelphia region with 5,000 annual attendees. Hosted by the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation, the Black Tie Tailgate takes place the Friday evening before the Philadelphia Auto Show opens to the public. Think of it as a VIP pass to the Auto Show (but remember anyone can purchase a ticket and it supports a wonderful cause!). The event has proudly donated more than $9.3 million to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia since its inception and its efforts continue today.

During our most recent Black Tie Tailgate at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, guests strolled through the area’s largest and most elegant automotive showroom. Attendees enjoyed an open bar and top-notch culinary creations while dancing among some of the world’s finest automobiles. Oh, and they met Clutch. Who doesn’t love Clutch, our beloved teddy bear?! The Department of Nursing at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was our event beneficiary for the past 3 years. We are proud to report that we raised a record $1.7 million for Nursing at the Hospital through the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Black Tie Tailgates.

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